Tom to Dr. James MacCallum, September 9, 1915

 The New Queen’s Hotel,
South River
Sept. 9th, 1915

Dear Sir,

I am always getting excited when there is no cause for it, my letter from the Bank came last night after I had posted yours so I will get on the trail again this morning. Will go back up South River and cross into Tea Lake and down as far as Cauchon and may make it out to Mattawa but it’s fine country up this river about 10 miles, so there is lots to do without traveling very far.   There are stretches of the country around here that is a good deal like that near Sudbury mostly burnt over like some of my sketches up the Magnettawan River , of running the logs-but have not heard if they ever got to Toronto.

We have had an awful lot of rain this summer and it has been to some extent disagreeable in the tent, even with a new one, the very best, you get your blankets wet and if you spread them out to dry it is sure to rain again. But if Lismer or any of the boys can come up get them to write me at South River. I should like awfully well to have some company,

Yours truly,

Tom Thomson

One of the Park Rangers comes out here quite often & will take my mail in to me so I could some out here & meet anyone at anytime.

(NGC, MacCallum Papers)