Tom to Dr. James MacCallum, September 8, 1915

The New Queen’s Hotel,
South River,
Sept. 8th, 1915

Dr. MacCallum,

I sent a check down to the Bank at Bloor and Yonge which would arrive there Sat. morning and so far have not heard from it so conclude that my account has gone broke there. It was for $25.00 for stocking up again, could you see Harris and get the amount from him and have it sent to me here as I am stranded.  Sent down my sketches (up ot a month or so ago) in a suitcase to MacDonald and have not heard if it landed.  Have traveled over a great deal of country this summer and have done very few sketches, it will be about a hundred so far. I may possibly hear from the Bank today but have almost given up hope but another week in here & and I will be sent to Orillia.

Yours truly,

Tom Thomson

(NGC, MacCallum papers)