Tom to Dr. James MacCallum, October 6, 1914

Camp Mowat, J.S. Fraser,
Mowat P.O., Canoe Lake Station, Algonquin Park
Oct. 6, 1914

Dear Dr. —

I received your letter this morning and also your message from Lismer. About the sketch if it could get $10 or $15 for it I should be greatly pleased but if they don't care to put in so much, let it go for what they will give. The same applies to all the others except the one with the rocks and water, which I would like to paint up. Jackson and myself have been making quite a few sketches lately and I will send a bunch down with Lismer when he goes back. He & Varley are greatly taken with the look of things here, just now the maples are about all stripped of leaves now, but the birches are very rich in colour. We are all working away but the best I can do does not do the place much justice in the way of beauty.  Jackson & myself are having a fine time and seem to have about the same habits — about camping and can always find sketching near the same place and so everything is O.K. Alex has made some fine sketches here.

I thought of putting in my application for a Park Rangers job and went down to Headquarters with that idea, but there is so much red tape about it that I might not get on for months so I will try and get work in some engraving shop for a few months this winter. Jackson has written Harris (who has my Bank Book) to find out my bank balance — I have probably used most of it up by this time and it is just to find out if I should ride or walk back to Toronto. Could you phone the bank and find out?

Remember me to Mrs. MacCallum, the children, and all the kind people that I met at Go Home — thanking you for many favours.

I am yours truly,

Tom Thomson