Tom to Dr. James MacCallum, July 7, 1917

Mowat P.O., July 7, 1917

Dear Sir:

I am still around Frasers and have not done any sketching since the flies started. The weather has been wet and cold all spring and the flies and mosquitoes much worse than I have seen them any year and the fly dope doesn’t have any effect on them. This however is the second warm day we have had this year and another day or so like this will finish them. Will send my winter sketches down in a day or two and have every intention of making some more but it has been almost impossible lately. Have done a great deal of paddling this spring and the fishing has been fine. Have done some guiding for fishing parties this spring and will have some other trips this month and next with probably sketching in between. Received this slip of paper a day or so ago and don’t know anything about it. Would you give it to Jim MacDonald or someone around the building with permission to do anything about it they see fit. If they will I will be greatly obliged.

Hoping you are well. I am,

Yours truly,

Tom Thomson

(NGC, MacCallum papers)

Tom's last known letter, written the day before he died.