Tom to Dr. James MacCallum, April 22, 1915

Mowat Lodge, J.S. Fraser,
Mowat P.O., Canoe Lake Station,
Algonquin Park, Ontario 

Dr. Jas. MacCallum,

Dear Sir-

I stayed at Owen Sound for a week and made a few sketches and had to go back to Toronto to make connections for the park. Stayed in Huntsville for two days and have been here since then. The snow in the woods here was about two or three feet deep when I got here and disappeared gradually until now it is gone excepting spots in the thick swamps. The ice is still on the lakes but it is getting pretty rotten and will break up the first good wind so I will soon be camping again.

Have made quite a lot of sketches (about 28). Some of them might do for canvasses but will not pick out any until something better turns up. I hear that my swamp picture is down at Ottawa on appro. Hope they keep it.

Yours truly,

Tom Thomson

(NGC, MacCallum papers)

  • Jas. MacCallum