Executive Producer: Peter Raymont
Producer: Nancy Lang
Project Manager: Shelley Simmons
Developer: Arthur Cormack
Graphic Design: Justin Tripp
Video Editor: Dylan Butler
Music Composed by: John Welsman
Musicians: Anne Lindsay: Violin, Winona Zelenka: Cello, Ronan Browne: Tin Whistle
Researchers: Nancy Lang, Rebecca Middleton
Assistant to the Producer: Amanda Pereira
Business Affairs: Adrianna Crifo
Marketing Coordinator: Davida Gragor
Publicity: VK & Associates

West Wind Interactive is produced by White Pine Pictures, with the participation of the Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund, Bell Media Inc., and the Art Gallery of Ontario. Original artwork provided by the Art Gallery of Ontario, The National Gallery of Canada, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, The Tom Thomson Gallery and The Winnpeg Art Gallery.