Inset:  George        Back row:  Elizabeth, Louisa, Henry, Minnie                    Front Row:   Margaret, father John, Fraser, Ralph, mother Elizabeth, Tom

"I do not know of any family in the whole of Sydenham township who were more highly esteemed by all their neighbors and acquaintances.  I think this was mostly on account of their hospitality.  “It snowed of meat and drink in that house” as Chaucer said."  

- Alan Ross, childhood friend

 (Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada, MG30 D38 'Blodwen Davies fonds', Vol. 11)

"Gram often tells the story of the time when everyone was busy seeding, and her brother went over to the Thomson farm, as no one was out in the field, and they thought something must have happened. When her brother got to the farmhouse, everyone was inside, playing and singing. Mr. Thomson had been to town, and brought home some new music, so they were all enjoying it! Of course to the industrious neighbours, this was nothing short of scandalous!"

- Mrs. T.J. Wilson, (McCreary, Manitoba) whose grandmother was a Thomson neighbour