“Tom Thomson and I have got married and we cook and share our meals together, giving half and half. Arthur Lismer having lunch with us and he is doing his share…I am not starving but am eating well and plenty of it. It is most economical and won’t cost us any more that $2.50 a week with plenty of everything and of the best.

Everyone in the studio is swapping frames and stretchers so that they can have new frames for their pictures and still not have to invest in them.  Taking everything into consideration, everyone is doing their best to do something for the mutual benefit of the other fellow, which is very fine and shows a true spirit of comradeship not often found in a class of men who are all working and the same thing, especially at a time like this.”

- Franklin Carmichael, letter to his fiancee

Tom Thomson cooking over stove (sketch, Lismer), 1915