"He was a great lad to walk when he was home and I remember one night he faced a blizzard and walked ten miles to a party. On another occasion he walked to Meaford about twenty miles away rather than bother with a horse and buggy, although Father begged him to take them. He was very fond of sports and was an ardent foot-ball player before he left home, and in one game he had one great toe broken but stayed with the game till the finish, kicking with the left foot.

Of all outdoor sports, I believe fishing was his favorite pastime. He would sit for hours waiting patiently for a bite, and if there were fish to be had he would get them. At one time Tom was fond of hunting and I remember one time he told us of shooting a deer, but that was the last deer he ever shot as the look in its eyes was too human.

When Tom was about seventeen, he became very restless and discontented. He was very anxious to go sailing, and as he had rather weak lungs and a touch of inflammatory rheumatism, Mother opposed his going. Through time he changed his mind, and stayed home working on the farm until he was of age."

- Minnie Thomson, Tom's sister

 (Library and Archives Canada/Bibliotheque et Archives Canada           MG30 D38 'Blodwen Davies fonds', Vol. 11)

Young Tom, Circa 1893