"We stayed overnight at Fraser's, Canoe Lake, and pulled out the next forenoon. Our canoe was a sixteen footer Chestnut, canvas covered, roomy, and capable of carrying the weight we had to put in it, stores for two weeks, tent, blankets, a cooking oven and utensils, plates and pannikins of aluminum, fishingtackle, axe, and sketching impedimenta, this last consisting (for me) of two dozen 12 x 9 [inch] three ply veneer boards of birch wood back and front and a soft pine inside, and good for sketching. These fit into a holder designed to carry six or more in a flat sketch box, also about twelve to fifteen pounds of paint, oil, and brushes per man. When our canoe was fully laden, we had about 2 inches of free board above the water line and with our two selves about 560 pounds in all. A canoe thus laden needs good management especially in rough weather, and it was not quite a calm day when we set out, but Thomson is one of the finest canoemen I know. He sits and manages a canoe like a good rider on a horse, takes no hazards and is ready for the slightest emergency."

- Arthur Lismer 

Lismer and Thomson, Algonquin Park c.1914